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Keep the Flame Alive

Jun 24, 2022

Book Club Claire is back for another session of book club! This time we've got our first Paralympics-related selection: "Driven to Ride: The True Story of an Elite Athlete Who Rebuilt His Leg, His Life, and His Career" by two-time Paralympic Snowboarder Mike Schultz (affiliate link).

Follow Claire on Twitter and Insta, and on YouTube her channel is C Nat.

Keeping with the Paralympics theme, in our Albertville 1992 history moment, Jill looks at the Tignes-Albertville Paralympics, which was the first time the Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics were paired together. If anyone has footage of the Paralympic Opening Ceremony, let us know--it had a bit with hang gliders that sounded pretty cool.

Things are relatively quiet in TKFLASTAN, but our ice dancer Charlie White got some good news!

In Games-related news, the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee presented its final budget (it's a doozy, but better news than anticipated), as well as its final reports. Now that all of its duties are complete, the committee will dissolve at the end of the month.

We also have an update on how the athlete villages and some hotels from Beijing 2022 are currently being used.....and it's not good. Plus, international federation payout from Beijing 2022 is going to be smaller, so look for some belt-tightening.

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