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Keep the Flame Alive

Jan 31, 2022

Our contributors Book Club Claire and Super Fan Sarah are back to talk about what they're looking forward to at Beijing. Plus, Jill has made it to China and tells how her trip almost didn't happen. But, she's in the closed loop and is ready to report back on what she's experienced so far.

We also learn about some of the...

Jan 27, 2022

Book Club Claire is back for our first book club session of 2022! Because of the cries from various Western countries (United States, we’re looking at you) to boycott the Beijing 2022 and the ensuing diplomatic boycott by several of them, we wanted to look at the last US-led boycott of an Olympics, that of the 1980...

Jan 20, 2022

On this episode we take to the ice with Paralympian Steve Emt, who will be going to his second Paralympics when he heads to Beijing 2022 this March.

Steve tells us about how the sport works, how he was stalked into trying it, and about his cameo on "The Last Dance."

Steve is also a motivational speaker and author of the...

Jan 14, 2022

What can we look forward to from the ski slopes at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics? No one really knows, but Tom Kelly has a good guess. Tom, who's an Olympics communicator and has been involved with skiing and snowboarding events for decades, walks us through each of the disciplines on the Alpine Skiing program at...

Jan 7, 2022

We're sliding closer to Beijing 2022! On this episode Olympian Jayson Terdiman tells us how the sport of doubles luge works, from top to bottom.

Plus, news from TKFLASTAN:

Checking in with our citizens of TKFLASTAN, more athletes are working toward Beijing. We also have news from:

  • Erin Jackson, Clare Egan and Nate...