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Keep the Flame Alive

Jun 17, 2021

Rugby coach Ben Ryan led the Fiji men’s rugby sevens team to the country’s first-ever gold medal, which they earned at the sport’s Olympic debut at Rio 2016. We talked with Ben about how the sport works -- and got some sunscreen tips.

Follow Ben on Twitter and Insta and check out his website. Season 2 of The Ben...

Dec 12, 2019

It's a bad news, good news kind of week. First, the bad news: Russia's out of the Olympics for the next four years (pending appeal) due to the continued issues with doping. We've got opinions--and lots of sighs.

But the good news is great: We catch up with "The Next Olympic Hopeful" winner and Team Olympic Fever rugby...

Dec 13, 2018

"Scouting Camp: The Next Olympic Hopeful" came back for another season, and we've got another winner on the show! Lindsey Mayo, winner and Olympic hopeful in rugby, joins us to talk about her experiences on the show. We also check in with season 1 winner Josh Williamson, who appeared on this season. Plus, a lot of...