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Keep the Flame Alive

Mar 25, 2021

Big news from Tokyo 2020 this week: No overseas fans welcome at this summer's Olympics. We talk with TKFLASTANI Ken Hanscom about the ticketing situation and what fans are feeling now that they can't go to the Games.

We're also talking equestrian eventing with 6x Olympian Phillip Dutton. Remember him from one of our...

Mar 18, 2021

3x3 basketball is one of the new sports on the Olympic program, and NY Harlem/Team USA player Dominique Jones joins us to tell us how it works. Mark your calendars now to watch this during Tokyo 2020. We predict it'll be one of the most exciting additions to the Olympics.

Jill also reports back from her Tokyo test event...

Mar 12, 2021

We're on a boat! Not really, but we're talking sailing this week. Americans Stephanie Roble and Maggie Shea join us to talk about how the Olympic 49erFX class works, what the water in Tokyo is like and what it's like to try to consume five to six liters of water a day.

Follow Stephanie and Maggie's endeavors on their

Mar 4, 2021

Something big happened in TKFLASTAN this week, which led to this week's Lightning Round episode with TKFLASTANIs Stu Sheldon and Phil Andrews. We've got the details for you, plus an update on when Tokyo 2020 will release its decision on having spectators.

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