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Keep the Flame Alive

Aug 6, 2021

It was a banner day for TKFLASTAN as we had many Team Keep the Flame Alive athletes competing.....all at the same time. This made for a hectic, but fun day of viewing. And, Alison's shopping for feed bags!

Today's coverage includes:

  • Artistic Swimming - with TKFLASTANI Jacqueline Simoneau
  • Athletics - with TKFLASTANI...

Jun 14, 2018

Bonjour a Montreal! Jill and contributor Ben Jackson report in from the Montreal 1976 Olympic Village, where they're staying for a few days. They talk about all of things that are holdovers from the Games, as well as some of the quirks of the building.

Our guest this week is Canadian Olympian Olya Ovtchinnikova...