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Keep the Flame Alive

Apr 16, 2021

Canadian Olympic race walker Evan Dunfee is back to tell us how race walking works. Really -- we actually get into the sport this week (though don't count out novela talk)!

Evan talks about the mechanics of the sport, the discrepancy between TV cameras and judges' human eyes, and possible career opportunities once he ends his pro racing career. Oh, a little Rule 50 chat, just for fun.

You can follow Evan at @evandunfee on Twitter, Insta and Strava and read more about him at his website.

What are our TKFLASTANIs up to this week? A LOT! We've got news from:

  • Leslie Klein
  • Kikkan Randall
  • Don Bigsby
  • John Shuster
  • Jacqueline Simoneau
  • DeAnna Price
  • Phil Andrews
  • David Davis

Throughout 2021 we're revisiting great stories from Atlanta 1996! For our Atlanta 1996 moment this week, we discuss the race walking competitions--a women's distance that's no longer contested, an amazing win in the men's 20K and a men's 50K racer with a training plan we can get behind.

We also have Games Updates from:

  • Tokyo 2020 - We're less than 100 days from the Tokyo 2020 Opening Ceremony! Japan's oldest woman carried the torch in the torch relay! Australia's planning live site watch parties and a kids' art contest to decorate athletes' room walls at the Village! More COVID-19 plans!
  • Beijing 2022 - During the Team USA Media Summit, US Olympic & Paralympic Committee's Board of Directors Chair Susanne Lyons had some words on the possibility of a boycott.


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Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, keep the flame alive!