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Keep the Flame Alive

Jul 27, 2023

We are officially at the one year to go mark before the Paris 2024 Olympics starts! That means it's time for a visit from our TKFLASTANI travel expert Ken Hanscom, who's got all of the details on what tickets might still be available, the hotel situation, flights, getting around Paris, and the hospitality houses.

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In our Seoul 1988 history moment, Alison gets into the details of Seoul's mascot Hodori.

In our weekly journey to TKFLASTAN, we have news from:

To mark the one year to go announcement, Paris 2024 organizers unveiled the torch and a new celebration space for medallists and fans. In other Paris news, the official Omega countdown clock is out, the cardboard beds are back, and LVMH Group is a sponsor. We've got details on what that all means.

Here in the US, Team USA had a One Year to Go celebration and is giving fans the opportunity to win an Ephemeral made to face tattoo -- register here by August 31, 2024.

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Photo courtesy of Ken Hanscom.


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