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Keep the Flame Alive

May 3, 2024

Breakdancing--or breaking--is the new sport at the Paris 2024 Olympics. If you're like Jill, you're mesmerized by it but can't figure out how it's judged. What are they looking for, and how does a b-boy or b-girl win?


Lucky for us, we've got breaking icon--and judge for Paris 2024--Ivan "Flipz" Velez joining us to...

Aug 11, 2023

Paris 2024 added a number of hip, urban sports to the program for their Games, including breakdancing. However, if you're an average Games fan and maybe have caught a little bit of breakin' here and there, you may not understand how it works. Not to worry -- American B-girl Sunny Choi is here to explain it all,...