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Keep the Flame Alive

Aug 29, 2019

We've hit the 100-episode milestone! Yes, that's 100 regular episodes of your favorite Olympics podcast hosts! It's been an honor to be able to produce this show every week, and we so appreciate the support of our listeners who help make it happen, whether by donating, following us on social or being a part of our

Aug 22, 2019

It's one year until the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games! As we start to prepare to watch these Games, which run from August 25-September 6, one thing stood out in our memories from watching Rio 2016: What's up with all of those classifications?

Along with doping tests, para athletes have to undergo classification tests so...

Aug 15, 2019

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic test events are well under way, and this weekend they're testing the triathlon course. We know that triathlon is swim-bike-run, but it's really more than that. Luckily for us, the USA Triathlon 2019 Age Group National Championships, which feature both a sprint and an Olympic distance were...

Aug 8, 2019

We're excited to have Olympian John MacLeod*, producer at WitNit Productions, with us this week. John's been working on a fascinating project called "Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold," which is a series of documentary films that share Olympians' untold stories.

You've got to see the previews of his first two shorts...

Aug 1, 2019

We're less than a year away from the Tokyo Olympics, which means there's not that much time for fans to prep. Never fear--Superfan Sarah is back to give us some tips on what we can do now. Plus, she's also spent a good amount of time in Tokyo, so she's got tips on how to beat the heat, different food to eat, how to get...