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Keep the Flame Alive

Nov 30, 2023

You can buy tickets to the Olympics and Paralympics, but then you can also buy "hospitality packages," but what does that really mean? On this episode, we talk with Will Whiston, Executive Vice President of Olympic and Paralympic Games for On Location to demystify "hospitality."

It's On Location's first Games as the International Olympic Committee's official sponsor. Will tells us how that partnership came about, and he also explains some of the different hospitality experiences on offer for Paris 2024. We also look ahead to some of the possibilities for Milan-Cortina 2026 and LA 2028.

We're almost done with our year-long look back on the Seoul 1988 Olympics and Paralympics, so Alison looks back at the Olympic Closing Ceremonies.

In our visit to TKFLASTAN, we have news from:

Paris 2024 has had another ticket drop -- 400,000 tickets this round, all sports, all sessions (except surfing), and ceremonies in a variety of price ranges. And they have a Christmas card if you're giving them for the holidays!

We've also got some travel planning news, particularly around flying in on the day of the Opening Ceremonies (try not to), boating on the Seine ahead of the Opening Ceremonies (won't be possible), and public transport tickets (will be more expensive, but who's surprised?).

Plus, another Paris 2024 boutique, Olympic Truce news (guess which country had a little tiff about it?), another installment of the surfingnovela--with Paris 2024 providing a really long explanation about why they want to replace the existing wooden judges stand with an aluminum version--and the announcement of the first torchbearer for the Olympic Torch Relay! It's getting close!

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Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, keep the flame alive!

Photo courtesy of On Location. 


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