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Keep the Flame Alive

Jan 14, 2022

What can we look forward to from the ski slopes at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics? No one really knows, but Tom Kelly has a good guess. Tom, who's an Olympics communicator and has been involved with skiing and snowboarding events for decades, walks us through each of the disciplines on the Alpine Skiing program at this year's Olympics. Who should we look for, and how many times do we say, "Hot Diggity!"? Listen to find out!

Tom's a podcaster in his own right – check out his shows:

  • Last Chair (Ski Utah)
  • Heartbeat (Biathlon)
  • Ticket to Fly (Ski Jumping)
  • Inside the Mountain Collective (Skiing)

And follow him on Facebook and Insta.

Big news for us! We've been shortlisted in the category of Best Olympics and Paralympics Podcast for the inaugural Sports Podcast Awards. There's an element of listener voting to help determine the winner, so please cast a vote for us!

We're also excited to release our Beijing 2022 Viewing Guide, which has information on all of the sports for the Olympics and Paralympics, when everything takes place, and a handy scheduling grid where you can see how the sports schedules overlap on any given day. Plus, sports are in alphabetical order! This is an eBook – get your copy on Amazon, and it will soon be on Apple Books as well.

In our history segment, Jill tells the story of how Albertville won its bid for the 1992 Winter Olympics.

Tons of news from TKFLASTAN this week, including heroes we should emulate: Brittany Bowe, Erin Jackson and Jayson Terdiman.

Plus, we have news from:

Unfortunately, we have some doping news related to Tokyo 2020, but we end on a happier note with news from Beijing about the food delivery system that we may be able to experience when we're at the Games!

Beijing has also opened up the Olympic Agora – but it's a digital version this time around. Check it out!

Transcript available at:

Thank you so much for listening, and until next time, keep the flame alive!


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