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Keep the Flame Alive

Apr 11, 2024

Note: In this episode, we discuss discovery, treatment, and life with an eating disorder. If you would like more information about screenings, support, and treatment for eating disorders, please visit the National Eating Disorders Association for more information.

Transitioning to life after sport can be complicated and difficult. On this episode, we welcome back TKFLASTANI and Olympian Samantha Schultz, who's one of the subjects in Johanna Garton's latest book All in Stride.

After competing at Tokyo 2020, Sammy's transition to non-competitive life has been a big adjustment, and in 2023 she sought professional help for an eating disorder. Samantha shares her journey and continued work in recovery with us and what she's learned from her experience as an elite athlete. You can follow her on Insta and YouTube.

We have a lot of other news to bring you up to speed in the Olympic and Paralympic world:

  • Paris 2024 will have another ticket drop on April 17 at 10am CEST - all sports will be available!
  • The Eiffel Tower will be sporting Olympic rings.
  • There are more water quality issues in the Seine, enough that Surfrider has written an open letter to the Organizing Committee about them.
  • Serbia will have its first-ever Hospitality House at Paris 2024.
  • World Athletes dropped a bombshell on the sporting world with the introduction of payments for gold medalists.
  • General Mills Canada is supporting Paralympians -- look for special cereal boxes soon!
  • A fire at the Montreal Olympic Stadium has caused upheaval in the training plans of many Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes/hopefuls, including TKFLASTANIs Alison Levine and Jacqueline Simoneau.
  • LA 2028 will be announcing venue changes to its program over the coming year.
  • The International Olympic Committee is developing a framework around support for under-age (minor) ahtletes.

In news from TKFLASTAN, we hear from:

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Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, keep the flame alive!

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