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Keep the Flame Alive

Aug 4, 2023

This week we are moving to the fencing piste to learn how wheelchair fencing works. Contributor Ben talks with Paralympian Ellen Geddes about the ins and outs of the sport and how she got into it.

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For our Seoul 1988 history moment, our intern Annalee Deabel tells of yet another controversy in the boxing ring, this time about South Korean boxer Byeon Jeong-il, whose headbutts rankled the referee, leading to pure chaos--and then sadness--in the ring.

In news from TKFLASTAN, we have updates from:

In Paris 2024 news, we have updates on ticket sales, a follow-up on the cardboard beds, some angry booksellers who work along the Seine, and medal predictions from Gracenote. Also, if you need a new watch, Omega's Paris 2024 limited edition looks pretty snazzy.

We have news from LA 2028 that couldn't wait a day.

Milan-Cortina 2026 landed a sponsor that has Alison bubbling with excitement. Also, the Paralympics will feature a new medal event, and we're inching a tiny bit closer to gender parity.

And the World Games has announced the official sports program for Chengdu 2025. We've got the new and returning sports.

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Thank you so much for listening, and until next time, keep the flame alive!

Photo courtesy of Ellen Geddes.


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