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Keep the Flame Alive

Sep 14, 2023

We're excited to share with you the second part of our interview with freelance sports journalist and commentator Blythe Lawrence (if you missed part 1, go back to episode 300). Last time we focused on rhythmic gymnastics, and now we're checking out what's up in the world of artistic gymnastics.

Follow Blythe on X/Twitter and Insta. She's also been commentating the Invictus Games with fellow TKFLASTANI Olly Hogben!


Jill's recent visit to the York Barbell Company's Weightlifting Hall of Fame inspired this episode's Seoul 1988 History Moment, in which she looks at the first gold medal victory for Olympic legend Naim Süleymanoğlu, aka the Pocket Hercules.


In our visit to TKFLASTAN, we have news from:


In news from Paris 2024, there are concerns about flying taxis, the French diocese has opened a sports chapel, air traffic control is in control for the Games, and we have an update on the corruption investigaion.


In news from Milan-Cortina 2026, the mayor of Innsbruck has a proposal, and the short track speed skating minimum age is going up!


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Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, keep the flame alive!


Photo courtesy of Blythe Lawrence.



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