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Keep the Flame Alive

Jan 12, 2024

Olympic road cyclist Coryn Labecki joins us to answer one of our burning questions: How does a road cycling peloton work? Coryn's got answers--and why being short is a useful quality in a race.

Plus, remember that wild race at Tokyo 2020 where Dutch favorite Annemiek van Vleuten thought she had won the gold--until she realized she hadn't? Coryn was in that second breakaway group and saw it all go down. She shares the full story with us!

Check out Coryn's website, and follow her on Facebook, YouTube, Insta, X, and Strava!

Paris 2024 has announced yet another first for the Olympics: Team relays within the torch relay that will showcase Olympic and para sport, as well as the support systems around the Paralympic movement.

The IOC is also hoping for more gender equity at Paris, asking National Olympic Committees to have two flagbearers (male and female), as well as more women in coaching roles. How possible is that? If you haven't listened to our episode with Dr. Michele K. Donnelly, that'll help explain why this is a tough ask. 

What's the status of venue construction? A little behind? Or right on time?

We've also got a little news from TKFLASTANIs Connor Fields, Annika Malacinski, and Sean Colahan.

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Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, keep the flame alive!



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