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Keep the Flame Alive

Oct 18, 2018

Dawn Harper Nelson, gold medalist at Beijing 2008 and silver medalist at London 2012 in the 100m hurdles, explains how to approach a hurdle race. Plus, Jill has a startling confession--or perhaps you'd call it a b-confession.

So many links for you this week. First off, follow Dawn:





Some of the videos of her that we mentioned on the show:

Watch her do some exercises and be all inspirational.

Her victory at Beijing 2008.

Her silver medal race at London 2012.

A snippet of her Aha Talk.

We'll have Dawn back on next week -- she'll go into her victory at Beijing, her silver at London and the crushing blow she felt at the Rio Olympic Trials.

Also, the dulcet tones of Team member Jason Bryant will be lighting up an arena in Budapest at the World Wrestling Championships. Catch those here -- and they're also going to be on NBC Olympics this weekend!

Check out Finn Sisu's Kikkan Randall ski pole fundraiser.

Also, here's a look at the recently released cycling course for Tokyo 2020 -- views of Fuji-san, everyone!!

Don't forget about our latest Book Club selection, Running for My Life by Lopez Lomong.

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