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Keep the Flame Alive

Sep 17, 2021

Surprise! The world did not stop while the Olympics and Paralympics were going on, so there is a ton of news to catch up on!

We've got the latest International Olympic Committee dealings with AIBA, the international boxing association (still a testy relationship), as well as the International Paralympic Committee's latest step toward an updated classification system.

Plus Games news from:

  • Rio 2016
  • Tokyo 2020
  • Beijing 2022
  • Paris 2024
  • Milan-Cortina 2026
  • LA 2028
  • Future Games (yeah, there's a lot of news to catch up on!)

And our news from TKFLASTAN includes updates from:

  • Emily Cook
  • Tom Scott
  • DeAnna Price
  • Connor Fields
  • Jordan Gray
  • Lauren Gibbs
  • Josh Williamson
  • Erin Jackson
  • Clare Egan
  • Alex Diebold
  • Luuka Jones
  • Michelle Carter
  • John MacLeod
  • Derek Leung - check out his video
  • Lou Jones - check out his photography exhibit at the Griffin Museum
  • Meagan Duhamel

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Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, keep the flame alive!


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