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Keep the Flame Alive

Jul 30, 2020

Book Club Claire is back to discuss 1964: The Greatest Year in the History of Japan: How the Tokyo Olympics Symbolized Japan’s Miraculous Rise from the Ashes by Roy Tomizawa. Also, we have found our nickname for John Coates--and we can't even take credit for it.

Our next book is A Shot at History by Abhinav Bindra with Rohit Brijnath. There are a couple of versions - we’ll be reading the updated 2017 version. Look for your copy at bookstores and libraries, and we’ll discuss it in October.

As mentioned in our visit to TKFLASTAN, Dr. Kristin Keim was on an episode of Koop Cast, and Dr. Victoria Jackson was on The Intercollegiate.

Meant to coincide with Tokyo 2020, a bunch of documentaries are coming out this summer. They include HBO's "The Weight of Gold," about Olympic-related depression; "Rising Phoenix," a documentary on the history of the Paralympics that will air on Netflix; and Sky Sport 3's documentary about 100 years of the Silver Ferns, New Zealand's Olympic team.

If you watch these, let us know what you think--and if you can help us figure out how to see the Silver Ferns, doc, please let us know!

NEXT WEEK: Olympian Andrew Rock tells us how to pass the baton during athletics relays. Don't miss it!

Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, keep the flame alive!