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Keep the Flame Alive

Oct 2, 2020

September 25, 2000 is known to Olympics fans as Magic Monday, where athletics fans got to see nine finals, including Cathy Freeman and Michael Johnson winning the 400m races. Nick Zaccardi, long-time Olympics editor at NBC Sports, joins us to talk about what made Magic Monday legendary.

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What all happened on Magic Monday in Stadium Australia?

  1. Pole vault - women - inaugural competition
  2. Discus - men
  3. Triple Jump - men
  4. 400m - women
  5. 400m - men
  6. 110m hurdles-men
  7. 5000m - women
  8. 800m - women
  9. 10000m - men


  1. Beach volleyball - men’s medals
  2. Cycling - women’s road race
  3. Gymnastics - men’s vault, parallel bars, horizontal bars finals
  4. Gymnastics - women’s beam, floor finals
  5. Synchronized Swimming - duet final
  6. Table Tennis - men’s singles medals

And a lot of people seem to care about this moment.

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