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Keep the Flame Alive

May 21, 2024

We are 100 days out from the start of the Paris 2024 Paralympics! We think there's no better way to celebrate than by throwing things. We got to talk with Paralympian Justin Phongsavanh at the Team USA Media Summit for a few minutes and are thrilled that he had time to come on the podcast for a longer interview. Justin...

May 17, 2024

It's a well-know fact that we love surface talk! Why? You'd be surprised at the research and engineering that goes into courts for specific sports. Today we're talking with Alise Kessler, Head of Volleyball for the FIVB, volleyball's international federation, and Lionel Arlin, Sports Federation and Events Manager for...

May 13, 2024

We're going onto the field with para shot putter Noelle Malkamaki to learn more about the sport from a para athlete angle. New to the para sport world, Noelle competed at Para Athletics World Championships in 2023 and won a gold medal with a world record-breaking throw.

Noelle breaks down the sport for us, talks...

May 9, 2024

What happens when your event is dropped from the Olympics, but you're not ready to retire? Race walker, Olympic bronze medalist and TKFLASTANI Evan Dunfee returns to the show to talk us through that process.


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In news from Paris 2024:

  • The Olympic flame has arrived in France!
  • The torch...

May 6, 2024

Ice hockey made its second Olympic appearance at the first Winter Olympics (yes, you read that right). Alison shares the details about the eight-team tournament (all men, of course), the dominance of Canada and the US, and some of the characters who made Olympic history. 


The Canadian Encyclopedia: