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Keep the Flame Alive

Jun 11, 2024

While you wouldn't think para swimming is much different from able-bodied swimming, the Paralympic classification system makes it a more complex sport to follow. Classification helps level the playing field (although we learn here that it's not the most perfect system), but the diversity of swimmers and abilities means that there are a lot of classes in this sport. Case in point, our three guests for this episode.


We talk with Jessica Long, 5x Paralympian; McKenzie Coan, 3x Paralympian; and Olivia Chambers, Paralympic hopeful about para swimming, nuances of their classifications, and how the Paralympics has changed over the years. 


Follow Jessica, McKenzie and Olivia on Insta! Jessica and McKenzie also have websites to check out for more information. The 2024 U.S. Paralympic Team Trials will be on June 27-29, 2024 in Minneapolis.


There are less than 50 days until the start of the Paris Olympics, and to celebrate that milestone, the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee adorned the Eiffel Tower with the Olympic rings. We have that news and more from Paris 2024.


In our TKFLASTAN update, we have news from:

And Jill has a full report from the Katie Moon Pole Vault Classic, where she got to see TKFLASTANI Katie Moon vault from about 12 feet away!


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Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, keep the flame alive!




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