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Keep the Flame Alive

May 9, 2024

What happens when your event is dropped from the Olympics, but you're not ready to retire? Race walker, Olympic bronze medalist and TKFLASTANI Evan Dunfee returns to the show to talk us through that process.


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In news from Paris 2024:

  • The Olympic flame has arrived in France!
  • The torch relay cauldron has been unveiled
  • The Games' official theme music has been released (make sure you listen along with us)
  • That rainwater catchbasin that will help keep pollution out of the Seine is up and running. Will it be enough?
  • If you're going to the Games, check out our Olympic and Paralympic travel journals!


Also, the World Games has selected its host city for 2029!


In our visit to TKFLASTAN, we have updates from:


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Thank you so much for listening–and until next time, keep the flame alive!



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