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Keep the Flame Alive

Sep 20, 2018

On this week's show, the dulcet tones of Wrestling Hall of Fame writer, broadcaster and announcer Jason Bryant joins the show to explain the ins and outs of one of the oldest Olympic sports: Wrestling. Plus, Alison hatches a 10-year plan to compete at LA2028.

You can find Jason online at Mat Talk Online -- and if you like wrestling (don't you?--or don't you now after listening to this episode?), check out his podcasts. Jason is currently announcing at the Jr. World Championships in Slovakia through Sept. 23, and next month he'll be in Budapest for the Sr. World Championships.

You must watch the Rulon Gardner/Aleksandr Karelin match from Sydney 2000. That link's to the entire match (in Japanese, no less), but here's a composite story on the event, to understand just how big of a deal this was.

Then, you have to see Gardner's retirement match. WARNING: You might need a Kleenex first (Jill needs a Kleenex right now, just thinking about it).

Speaking of big deals, how about our Team member Jimmy Pedro getting inducted into the International Judo Federation Hall of Fame??? We did not talk about the ceremony itself -- but check this out, because this must've been some shindig!

The Judo World Championships is happening right now in Baku, Azerbaijan. Check it out here.

Team member Erin Jackson should be skating with Jacksonville Roller Derby in the WFTDA Playoffs in Atlanta. Her team is seeded third and its first game is on Saturday. Look for video here (paywall).

Thanks for listening, and keep the flame alive!

Photo by Larry Slater

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