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Keep the Flame Alive

Jul 15, 2022

u5gLKIsoqxsBhrgsB1kgThe 2022 World Games are underway, and we are glued to the feeds! Today we talk about the sports we've been watching and how the World Games has made us love multi-sport events all over again.

If you haven't been watching the World Games, check out the feeds at It's really cool to see some sports with disciplines that aren't in the Olympics. It's also cool to get to know some new sports that aren't in the Olympics (though some are trying for LA 2028 - looking at you, flying disc, lacrosse and flag football).

Following the World Games and want to talk about them? Check out our Facebook Group -- the conversation is hoppin' and some listeners are there reporting back!

We also have updates from TKFLASTANIS:

The Paris 2024 Board of Directors had a meeting, so we've got news from those Games, including thoughts on the Paralympic opening ceremonies, the Paralympic schedule and some venue switcheroos.

For a transcript of this episode, please visit:

Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, keep the flame alive!


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