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Keep the Flame Alive

Oct 29, 2021

This week we're joined by Wayne Lamarre, who will be traveling to Beijing 2022 as an athlete trainer on the US women's ice hockey team's support staff. Wayne is the is a Clinical Professor and the Director, Athletic Training Program at the University of New England. He is a Board Certified Athletic Trainer and has served on the medical staff for the U.S. Women's National Ice Hockey Team since 2015. Wayne talked with us about what an athletic trainer does and how their techniques have evolved in the last several years.

Also on the show:

In our Atlanta 1996 history moment, Jill tells the story of German discus thrower Ilke Wyludda, whose achievements at these Games are just half of her incredible story.

We have lots of exciting news from TKFLASTAN, including updates on Shiva Keshavan, Adam Edelman, Joe Maloy and Tom Scott.

Also on this episode, we're celebrating 100 days until the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics -- and boy, have they been releasing exciting information! We have Playbooks, medals, officials/volunteer uniforms, among other things.

National Olympic Committees are starting to release kits, and we've got the scoop on Canada and Japan's team clothing.

Sadly, we've got a doping confirmation from Tokyo 2020. Guess which country this athlete was from.

And we have some big news from the International Olympic Committee on tickets sale organization from Paris 2024 and beyond.

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A transcript of this episode is available at our website.

Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, keep the flame alive!

Photo courtesy of University of New England.


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