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Keep the Flame Alive

Dec 17, 2020

Every year we like to sprinkle in a few episodes about the history of the Olympics, and next year we’re going to focus those episodes on just one Games. We asked you on social media which Games we should cover, and to announce the winner and talk about these Games are Ruth Fitzpatrick and Chris O’Reilly from the brilliant podcast Olympipod.

Find Olympipod on Insta and Twitter -- and be sure to listen to their LA 1932 Olympipod, featuring us!

Another big announcement: We’re going to be removing our PyeongChang daily wrap-ups and bonus episodes from our feeds and putting them on our Patreon site, where they’ll be available to our Bronze level patrons and above -- become a patron today to maintain your access!

Our TKFLASTAN Update includes news from:

We also have Games Updates from:

  • Tokyo 2020
  • Milan-Cortina 2026

And there's a Rule 50 update, thanks to Team USA's recommendations on protests. International Olympic Committee's Athletes Commission Chair Kirsty Coventry has something to say about them too.

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Thanks so much for listening, and until next time, keep the flame alive!