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Keep the Flame Alive

Sep 27, 2019

Happy anniversary to us! We're celebrating our 2nd anniversary by talking about the sport of triathlon (makes sense, right?!). With us is Rio 2016 Olympian Joe Maloy, who talks with Jill about what makes a successful triathlete (hint: think mental game).

Joe is currently working for USA Triathlon as its Collegiate Recruitment Program Coordinator. You can follow him on Twitter and Insta.

We're also excited to announce our first official show sponsor! is working with us on an exciting deal. We'll be able to talk about it in a few weeks (unless you're a Patreon patron or one-time donor, in which case you've already gotten the word), but for now we have PinCollector's founder Frank Auman on to tell us about this new virtual gathering place for Olympic pin collectors (does Jill have a profile there? YES).

Some shocking news: Russia's worried about getting banned from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics because the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) found some inconsistencies in the samples the Russian Anti-Doping Agency handed over. Inconsistencies?! From RUSADA? Who would've thought!

Our Team Olympic Fever update is full of weddings, babies, bobsled results (yep, it's winter sports time again) and an update on the traveler of the month.

Plus, the Tokyo 2020 organizers have announced what the furniture in the Olympic Village will be--they're sticking with their sustainability initiatives and have come up with something pretty innovative. We have opinions, of course.

Also, from seemingly out of nowhere, TBach unleashes an expertise we'd never guess he had.

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